How to get Anti theft 4 digit CODE for UCONNECT 8.4 and others

Get your radio code in 3 simple steps for only $19.99

8/9/20221 min read

How to get Uconnect anti theft security code for every screen dimension 3.0 4.3 5.0 6.5 7 8.4 12 inch for Jeep, Dodge, RAM, Crysler ,Fiat ,Alfa Romeo ect..

Its 3 step Easy to get online CODE service and it cost only $19.99:

1. Get serial number from your device it is located on radio label.(NO VIN needed)

2. When you have serial number ready(best with picture of label), -go pick your car -upload image on first page if you can -then on checkout type your serial number and your email you wish to receive your code

3. You will get your code within 30 minutes(maximum of 24hours), at your email address that you entered on checkout.